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529 Plans – Education Savings Plans


The tax overhaul bill passed by Congress in December 2017 provided a change to the College 529 plans. Formerly, these plans only provided preferential tax treatment of account distributions if the money was used for higher education. The new tax bill now allows tax-free distributions for primary and secondary private education for up to $10,000 per plan beneficiary. Distributions are paid to the owner/trustee of the account and are for tuition only. For years, 529 plans have allowed parents, grandparents and others to contribute money to an investment account that allows tax-free growth of investment returns and tax-free distributions as long [...]

529 Plans – Education Savings Plans2018-04-04T12:24:14-07:00

Family Routines That Build Faith


It is important to celebrate the big moments in our children’s lives. But beyond recognizing milestones, simple routines can also have big significance in the life of a child or teen. The little ways a family engages faith together have major impact. We can come up with a lot of great ideas from the examples in scripture. Listed below are some of those ideas. I’d like to encourage you to read these passages together as a family as a first step and then figure out how to implement the idea. Share a consistent meal together. If not daily, perhaps there’s one dinner [...]

Family Routines That Build Faith2017-03-08T15:11:31-08:00

Focus Group Feedback


2015-16 Focus Group Highlights During the 2015-16 school year, Big Valley Christian School parents were invited to participate in one of 11 different focus group meetings with our former Superintendent Bobby Kirchner to discuss their experiences at BVCS. Each meeting followed a similar outline discussing what things the participants felt were going well or working well, and what things they felt needed attention. We wanted to share with our school families the summary results of those meetings. Under the category of what is working well at BVCS, two themes were expressed in multiple ways at every meeting. Communication - parents are [...]

Focus Group Feedback2019-01-29T12:05:07-08:00

How does BVCS address the Common Core standards?


The introduction of the Common Core State Standards has generated much interest and controversy in recent years. These standards, created at the initiative of governors’ and state school chiefs’ organizations, were released in 2010 and are written for each grade level K-12 in the areas of mathematics and English. Most states, including California, have adopted these standards. The phrase “Common Core” has been used in a variety of ways, at times referring to the content of standards themselves, the way the standards are implemented in classrooms, and the standardized testing that measures student learning related to the standards. Here is how [...]

How does BVCS address the Common Core standards?2016-07-13T15:29:42-07:00

STEM Innovation Exposition


The 2nd Annual BVCS STEM Innovation Expo on Saturday, April 23, was a great success! Students worked on their projects from August-April in preparation for the Expo. There were 57 projects on display in the following categories: Science fiction writing Reverse engineering Scientific inquiry Environmental innovation Rube Goldberg Robotics Invention The Expo also featured robots created by our junior high students, AP Psychology projects, and Algebra 2 projects.

STEM Innovation Exposition2016-07-11T13:15:21-07:00

Pursuing a Life of Growth in Christ – What it Means to be Christ-Centered


A Message from Bobby Kirchner, BVCS Superintendent,  I’m so grateful that we have a full time campus pastor this year devoted to our junior and senior high students. I want you to be informed about all things on our campus, and so I am excited for you to read this update from Scott Elliott, our  campus pastor. It really is an amazing privilege to be a Christ-centered school! I wanted to take some time and just tell you about some of the great things happening around our campus. At every grade level we have been walking through the book of Mark [...]

Pursuing a Life of Growth in Christ – What it Means to be Christ-Centered2016-01-05T11:40:06-08:00

BVCS Families Have Personal Tour Guides in the College Prep Counseling Dept.


A Message from Bobby Kirchner, BVCS Superintendent..... You want to find a college/university that is the perfect fit. But how do you do that? Attending a college fair can be overwhelming. Where do you start? Visiting a college campus can be intimidating. What colleges should you visit? How should you spend your time? How can you afford tuition and housing? Fortunately, Big Valley Christian School families are offered free personal college coaching and are walked through every step of the process. Our BVCS College Prep Department offers students and their parents personalized attention throughout the college application process - including college [...]

BVCS Families Have Personal Tour Guides in the College Prep Counseling Dept.2015-11-18T14:05:36-08:00
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