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BVCS Annual Report 2019-20


Big Valley Christian School Annual Report to the Community - February 2020 Our Students 875 total students 146 students in Preschool 398 students in Elementary 134 students in Junior High 197 students in High School 16 students in Online School 5 students in Homeschool Hybrid 92 TK-12 students receive a partial tuition scholarship (up to 40%) based on need 27% of high school seniors have attended BVCS since kindergarten Our Staff 128 total staff 65 teachers 53 support staff 12 administrators/directors Average teacher salary $45,100 Starting teacher salary $37,710 In 2019-2020, we opened a third 4th grade classroom and an online [...]

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Praying Like Jesus


  How Jesus Prayed The picture above is from the Garden of Gethsemane where Jesus prayed before he was arrested. In the garden, a place that should represent peace and tranquility, Jesus poured out his heart in sorrow and anguish. In Matthew 26:39 Jesus prayed, "My Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from me; nevertheless, not as I will, but as you will." We see Jesus praying a short prayer, but also a profound one. His prayer shows the reality of what he felt in his situation, but also his complete surrender to the greater purposes of God. [...]

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Will you help make an IMPACT this year?


Dear Big Valley Families and Friends, By now I trust you have received a letter from me and a copy of our new IMPACT Fund brochure. I hope my enthusiasm for this initiative and what it can accomplish for our students, staff and families comes through loud and clear. Give to the IMPACT FUND We would love to have 100% or our families, staff, and board members make a gift to help us positively IMPACT the education we provide to BVCS students. Already we have been receiving gifts of all sizes and we are so grateful for every one of them. [...]

Will you help make an IMPACT this year?2019-10-23T11:08:46-07:00

Be – Message from Pastor Scott


How do your help your child be real? Someone once told me that you should always say exactly what you think and feel, but that you shouldn't always say everything you think and feel. Let's face it... Junior High is hard! It's a time when feelings seem more important than facts and everyday can feel like an emotional roller-coaster. We want our students to learn how to be authentic Christ followers and not wear a mask. But how do they do that in the midst of figuring out who they are? What does it mean for a teenager to be real? [...]

Be – Message from Pastor Scott2019-10-23T10:52:12-07:00

Search Me – Message from Pastor Scott


An Open Invitation Have you ever been searched? I remember how uncomfortable I was the first time I got patted down in an international airport. Being searched is invasive and uncomfortable, but it's also necessary sometimes. In Psalm 139, David invites God to search his heart and his thoughts. This is such a great prayer, but also a scary one! We should probably all pause more often and ask God to search us. It's quite possible that God might bring something to the surface that you didn't know was there. Teenagers can be a challenge. Sometimes there is no amount of [...]

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Are You Ready? – Family Email March 13, 2019


Are You Ready?   I recently met a family who had to flee from their home country because it had become too dangerous for them to stay there as Christians. I saw a list a few weeks ago of the fifty most dangerous countries in the world for Christians, and it is very sobering. In Acts 21, as Paul was preparing to go to Jerusalem, people kept warning him not to go. They were afraid for his life and thought it was too dangerous. There are many places in the world today where it is dangerous to be a Christian. But [...]

Are You Ready? – Family Email March 13, 20192019-03-26T11:12:36-07:00

SUPERINTENDENT QUARTERLY March 2019 Big Valley Christian School || Christ-Centered, College Prep


Our Christ-Centered DepartmentWe are committed to incorporating discipleship into every aspect of our school. Discipleship, or the process of learning about the teachings of Jesus, internalizing them and then acting upon them, is critical to our mission of preparing and nurturing our students to impact the world for Christ.This month, we sent 17 high school students and 5 staff members to the Dominican Republic to be the hands and feet of Jesus. Having our students make a global and local impact is at the core of who we are as a discipleship school.On March 18th, we will be hosting our first [...]

SUPERINTENDENT QUARTERLY March 2019 Big Valley Christian School || Christ-Centered, College Prep2019-03-26T10:50:23-07:00

The Importance of Accuracy – Family Email February 6, 2019


The Importance of Accuracy In Acts 18 we get introduced to a man named Apollos. He was a well educated man and he knew about Jesus, but his information was incomplete. Fortunately for him, there were people listening to his message and willing to share more about Jesus.He began to speak boldly in the synagogue, but when Priscilla and Aquila heard him, they took him aside and explained to him the way of God more accurately.Acts 18:26 (ESV)Priscilla and Aquila were friends of Paul and a great help to the early church. Here they were a great help to Apollos! It's [...]

The Importance of Accuracy – Family Email February 6, 20192019-03-26T11:15:30-07:00
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