March 2020 was a pivotal time in Big Valley Christian School’s history. Our team to make a choice: we could put our heads down in fear and defeat or dust ourselves off, lift our heads high, follow the Lord’s plan and make this moment in history our finest hour. Countless ups and downs, twists and turns, state and county mandates, recommendations, guidance documents, protocols, tiers, distance learning day camp, waivers, health checks and Zoom meetings have kept us all busy over the last 10 months, to say the least. It certainly hasn’t been easy, but it has been completely worth it. It feels like a miracle to be able to have students and staff together on campus, working and learning together in community! And it is all because of God’s faithful love demonstrated through His people. I am amazed at this team of Christian educators who have navigated crazy obstacles during challenging times – and still do.

For such a time as this

I believe God equipped our staff for this very moment in history. With the words of Jeremiah 1:9 in their hearts and minds, this amazing team pioneered their way down a very unknown path. Knowing that we are not able to tackle the challenges of this crisis in our own strength, the team drew on the strength and courage that comes from the Lord Himself. 

Even when it’s hard 

Was it easy to take a traditional brick and mortar school (for over 45 years) and turn it around within days to a fully online, at home school? No way! Was it easy to open our campus with over 40 distance learning day camp pods? Nope. Was it a piece of cake to apply and receive and open under an elementary waiver? Still no. But the hurdles and roadblocks and challenges have not been bad for us. Let me repeat this point: the hurdles and roadblocks and challenges have not been bad for us! The Lord will use the current challenges we have faced, face now and will face in the future to grow us and transform us into a better Christian school. 

Making history together 

Every person on the BVCS staff has a role to play in making history: a role to nurture, to equip, to serve God’s people with care and love. I truly commend our staff for carrying out our vision to glorify God by striving to reach the highest standard of Christian education. The path ahead still isn’t predictable, but God is with us. Let’s all tuck Jeremiah 1:9 in our hearts and minds as we move forward together with strength and courage into 2021.  Jeremiah 1:9 Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”