Are You Ready? – Family Email March 13, 2019


Are You Ready?   I recently met a family who had to flee from their home country because it had become too dangerous for them to stay there as Christians. I saw a list a few weeks ago of the fifty most dangerous countries in the world for Christians, and it is very sobering. In Acts 21, as Paul was preparing to go to Jerusalem, people kept warning him not to go. They were afraid for his life and thought it was too dangerous. There are many places in the world today where it is dangerous to be a Christian. But [...]

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Family Routines That Build Faith


It is important to celebrate the big moments in our children’s lives. But beyond recognizing milestones, simple routines can also have big significance in the life of a child or teen. The little ways a family engages faith together have major impact. We can come up with a lot of great ideas from the examples in scripture. Listed below are some of those ideas. I’d like to encourage you to read these passages together as a family as a first step and then figure out how to implement the idea. Share a consistent meal together. If not daily, perhaps there’s one dinner [...]

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Pursuing a Life of Growth in Christ – What it Means to be Christ-Centered


A Message from Bobby Kirchner, BVCS Superintendent,  I’m so grateful that we have a full time campus pastor this year devoted to our junior and senior high students. I want you to be informed about all things on our campus, and so I am excited for you to read this update from Scott Elliott, our  campus pastor. It really is an amazing privilege to be a Christ-centered school! I wanted to take some time and just tell you about some of the great things happening around our campus. At every grade level we have been walking through the book of Mark [...]

Pursuing a Life of Growth in Christ – What it Means to be Christ-Centered2016-01-05T11:40:06-08:00
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